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Product review: Socks & gloves

In order to survive in corrections, officers must be able to protect themselves

In order to survive in corrections, officers must be able to protect themselves. Galls Cooling Socks, Galls G-Copper Socks, Galls G-Wool Boot Socks and Hatch Armour Tip Puncture Protective Gloves provide officers with protection and comfort.

For over 15 years, Anthony Gangi has worked in the correctional setting. He served on the custody level and has moved through the ranks from line officer to supervisor. With a background in psychology, he has become a leading expert in inmate manipulation. He is currently the host of Tier Talk, which can be found at, or subscribe to his YouTube channel. Tier Talk now appears on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network every Thursday at 10:30 am EST. Tier Talk is the only show on the air for corrections, by corrections, about corrections.

The chef said he’s been trying to help the county fix its jail food problem, which is so severe correctional officers have worried it could spark a riot
Sheriff: “My officers have a difficult job and should not be subjected to baseless complaints”
Detectives suspect the man, who kicked and spit at guards, was “grooming” a nurse by exchanging letters with her
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