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Report: Md. correctional officers shortchanged millions in overtime

The state paid COs and other staffers only through the end of their scheduled shift instead of when they clocked out

By Sarah Calams

BALTIMORE — A startling report revealed the state of Maryland shortchanged Jessup Correctional Institution correctional officers and other staff members by nearly a half-million dollars in wages over a two-year period.

The investigation, which covered the period between November 2018 through November 2020, found the state paid officers and staff members only through the end of their scheduled shifts instead of when they actually clocked out, The Associated Press reported. Many correctional officers and staff members stayed later than their scheduled shift due to issues at the facility or waiting for others to relieve them, according to the report.

The investigation revealed the state owes past and present Jessup Correctional Institution officers $468,238.87. However, union officials said the issue stretches back before November 2018.

Mark Vernarelli, a spokesman for the Maryland Division of Corrections, said the agency is now reviewing “timekeeping practices throughout its correctional facilities” after receiving complaints from other facilities.