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The Investigations topic provides in-depth coverage of investigative procedures, techniques, and case studies within the corrections field.

A source reported the inmate was stabbed in the neck during a fight over drugs at the federal jail
The case was dismissed at the request of the inmate’s family and the former CO agreed to not seek work as a peace officer, corrections officer or armed security guard
Doctor testifies against the inmate’s insanity defense and that he was faking aspects of his mental illness
The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision did not give evidence to refute allegations that it has failed to follow the state’s limits on solitary confinement
Tabatha Roman, 37, was cleared of charges in connection with a prisoner’s 2017 suicide
Experts speculate the gun used to kill, Aureon Shavea, 24, was smuggled into the prison by drone or through a back gate without a metal detector
For 12 months, Guidehouse Inc. consultants will visit prisons, work with Georgia DOC personnel and conduct research to recommend system changes
The inmate fatally shot an Aramark food service employee while working in the Smith State Prison kitchen, Georgia DOC said
Staff Misconduct
While one CO was seated and writing a report at the Saginaw County Jail, his colleague drew her TASER and used it to deliver a drive-stun under the CO’s arm
A corrections officer returning to the Spokane County Jail from an unrelated transport saw a man in a hoodie hoisting a bag upward into a cell window
Prosecutors said they couldn’t determine if the incident was intentional, as one deputy claimed the inmate’s “own momentum” caused his head to hit the wall
A jury convicted Former President Donald Trump of falsifying business records at his own company; the charge carries up to four years in prison
The lawsuit alleges the CO failed to shut the inmate’s cell door, allowing two or three other prisoners to follow him inside and assault him
Lt. Joel Garcia was fired, then reinstated and placed on administrative leave in connection to a Tarrant County Jail inmate’s death
Waupun Correctional Institution’s warden is charged with misconduct in public office; the other eight staff members, including COs, face charges of felony inmate abuse
When you absolutely need to write something down make sure you have a weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebook
David Berkowitz, who killed six people in the 1970s, sent taunting notes to police, calling himself “Son of Sam” and said he received demonic messages to kill
Prisoner Transport
The CO deployed his TASER, but when it failed to subdue the inmate, he subsequently fired his duty weapon, the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office said
The Georgia DOC said the inmate’s death was a “result of an altercation” and that the CO was immediately fired
The four inmates exited through the perimeter fence during recreational time in the yard, Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards said
The group made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling “faces,” described as squares of paper soaked in drugs, and planned to sell a novel-style book with drug-soaked pages
Sen. Cory Booker spoke during a hearing aimed at looking at ways to rethink prison labor, suggesting voluntary jobs, higher wages and better protection against injuries
The inmate, who was not identified, used a homemade, 7-inch long weapon to stab the New Jersey State Prison CO in the right shoulder and twice in the area of his neck
FCI Sheridan had 28 CO vacancies out of 145 positions last winter, leading to the use of mandated overtime and temporary assignments of non-correctional staff
The inmate died following an altercation with Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office corrections officers; two COs involved in the incident have been fired
Staff Misconduct
The CO is accused of recording about 2,000 bogus hours — both overtime and regular pay hours — on time sheets between July and December 2023
The investigation will examine whether Kentucky protects the facilities’ juveniles from excessive force, prolonged isolation, violence and sexual abuse, the DOJ said
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections said a “human error” led to a disturbance among two security threat groups that injured more than 30 inmates
Shelby County Jail inmates set objects on fire and tied a bed sheet to the main door of the jail to keep corrections deputies from gaining entry