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10 tips for safe prisoner escort

Let’s review best practice for suspect escort. Read secure tips from Trainer and P1 contributor Gary Klugiewicz:

1. Check on the prisoner’s background/threat level/destination/route of travel. Choose restraints accordingly.

2. Make sure restraints are functioning properly and applied properly.

3. Double lock restraints if possible.

4. Search prisoner properly for weapons, instruments of escape, and other contraband.

5. Evaluate the current physical condition/mental state, e.g., is the prisoner highly agitated?

6. Once you leave the secured facility, while focusing on external threats, always pay close attention to your prisoner and what your prisoner is focusing on.

7. Stay close to the prisoner -- avoid not touching.

8. Watch for suspicious actions.

9. If the prisoner is ever out of your direct supervision/sight, search prisoner again and check the restraints.

10. Remember: Most escape attempts occur near the end of the prisoner escort/transportation.

Experience, expertise and communication skills are the criteria by which a defensive tactics instructor is judged. By these measures, Gary T. Klugiewicz is recognized as one of the nation’s leading control systems analysts specializing in the Use of Force.