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Company History: Bates Uniform Footwear

Now one of the largest uniform footwear companies in the world, Bates is also one of the oldest. From its beginnings as a small dress footwear company in 1885 to a global company that manufactures and markets more than 1.5 million pair of uniform boots and shoes yearly, the Bates brand has stood for performance excellence.

In the early 1960’s the Bates Shoe Company changed its direction from a men’s dress shoe company and decided to focus on building the finest military dress shoe for the United States Navy. The original uniform oxford was such a tremendous success that more military uniform styles immediately followed, all with superior technology and performance features.

This superior quality uniform footwear was so enthusiastically embraced by the military community that Bates found them in high demand in the civilian uniform market as well. The Bates name was fast becoming synonymous with the very best there was to offer in both military and civilian uniform footwear.

Not only was Bates footwear found on the feet of our nation’s military forces but it could also be found on the feet of individuals from the top police and governmental agencies across the country.

As the years turned into decades, Bates footwear became the leading choice for footwear with numerous domestic law enforcement agencies, the U.S. post office, and all branches of the United States military.

However, Bates popularity and reputation for quality and performance was not confined to U.S. soil alone, the international demand for the product began to grown in the 70’s and 80’s and is now outfitting elite military organizations in over 50 countries.

In the 1990’s, Bates added three distinct product lines that raised the bar on what its customers expect from uniform footwear. The Bates DuraShocks“ comfort technology revolutionized the uniform footwear industry and became the new standard for comfort. The Bates Enforcer‘ series provides lightweight, tactical footwear that meets the demands of diverse and challenging environments. The most recent introduction of Bates Special Ops footwear includes an amphibious water shoe, a performance bike shoe and other more technically superior athletic profiles. These product advances coupled with a strong organization ensure Bates position as a uniform footwear leader and innovator for many years to come.

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