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Elbeco Incorporated Launches its Innovative and Highly Functional New V2 Vest Carrier

Reading, Penn. - Elbeco Incorporated, an industry leading manufacturer of Law Enforcement, Fire, Postal and EMS uniforms announces the launch of one of the most innovative body armor vest carriers in the Law Enforcement marketplace. Debuting in late June at the 2013 Police Security Expo, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Classic V2 Series Vest Carrier provides superior uniform image for a continued command presence without compromising the practical application of the garment.
Specifically, the V2 offers significant upgrades in functionality, comfort and performance to the wearer, all supported by a host of new tactical features. In addition, the V2 can fit/accommodate the overwhelming majority of existing body armor panels in use today as well as most any individual body size/type.

The V2 Vest carrier was designed after months of research and testing with Law Enforcement Officers in the field and has received very positive reviews from the initial test groups. What drove the V2’s development was that in the recent past externally worn body armor, although very useful, contrasted dramatically with the “look and feel” of the Officers’ day‐to‐day uniforms. With concealable body armor being highly uncomfortable and very restrictive, some officers chose not to wear their body armor, which denied them of much needed protection. As every Officer serving in the field knows, body armor only works if you wear it. Fortunately, the V2 mitigates all these flaws and provides wearers with the comfort, image and functionality they are looking for in day‐to‐day use.

In addition to appearance, comfort and functionality, what also makes the V2 Vest Carrier so different is that Elbeco made it a top priority to keep the system simple. “You can’t over‐engineer the uniforms to the point where the wearer needs a road map to figure it out,” says J.D. Devine, Director of Sales and Marketing for Elbeco. “We’re sensitive to the priorities of the consumer and we just want to offer effective simplicity.” Devine continues by saying, “The V2 is really a perfect compromise for agencies who want to wear body armor externally and didn’t want to give up their traditional look.” Finally Devine notes, “We’ve carried the theme of effective simplicity even further. Working in tandem with the V2 vest carrier is Elbeco’s VSS1 Suspension system, a suspenders‐like harness that attaches to an Officer’s duty belt so the entire weight of the belt and equipment doesn’t rest on their hips and lower back. The suspension system itself is worn under the vest and easily integrates with the V2. Overall, the VSS1 Suspension System perfectly complements the V2 Vest Carrier and will help to reduce future back problems for the wearer.”

“We expect the response about the V2 Vest Carrier from the Law Enforcement community to be overwhelmingly positive,” says David L. Lurio, President of Elbeco. Lurio continues by adding, “Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with Officers and Agencies throughout the country and it is very gratifying to not only respond to their requests with a product like the V2, but to also exceed their expectations by leveraging our knowledge and experience in the area of design in order to create additional product features they’ve not thought of.”

The V2 Vest Carrier and other Elbeco products can be purchased through our nationwide network of Distribution Partners. For information on where to find a local dealer please go to:

About Elbeco: Elbeco (from L. B. Co. ‐ Lurio Brothers Company) is an over 100‐year‐old, family‐owned company based in Reading, PA ( Elbeco manufactures uniforms for Police, Fire, EMS, Postal, Tactical and Transportation departments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Elbeco philosophy has always been one of dedication to its customers. This core corporate goal has enabled Elbeco to become one of the largest manufacturers of professional uniform apparel in North America.