Perfection Uniforms Announces Latest Generation of Eco-Uniforms

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Brentwood, Tn. - If it’s true that change makes the world go round, Perfection Uniforms has tilted the uniform world on its axis.  In spring of 2009, the uniform company unveiled an unprecedented concept to their highly traditional industry: eco-responsible uniforms.  Perfection also issued a statement announcing their partnership with REPREVE®, the North Carolina manufacturer of 100% recycled yarns.  An entire green initiative began soon thereafter as Perfection switched to using REPREVE recycled polyester in MatrixSeries, their best selling line of poly/cotton blends.

Fast-forward to nine months later, and MatrixSeries’ makeover and new name (MatrixEcoSeries) have been met with such phenomenal feedback that Perfection Uniforms has also decided to follow suit with their line of poly/cotton shirts in PinnacleSeries, soon to be known as PinnacleEcoSeries.  Although “going green” is a gradual process, especially when done conscientiously in a time otherwise polluted with greed and “green washing,” Perfection Uniforms plans to lead by example in making all of their product lines more sustainable.

It’s often been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The beauty of all this is that REPREVE’s recycled polyester is produced from plastic bottles that would have normally ended up in landfills.  Wearing an eco-responsible garment is a positive reflection on any department as it allows taxpayer dollars to be invested toward dual purposes: outfitting a department while keeping plastic bottles out of landfills and lessening our dependence on petroleum.  Steve Gilkeson, Executive Vice President of Perfection Uniforms, says, “The concept of environmental stewardship is very compatible with the mission of governmental agencies…and one that taxpayers recognize and appreciate.”

Like its MatrixEco counterpart, the PinnacleEco line will retain the superior quality that consumers have long associated with Perfection Uniforms.  The individuals who invest in a Perfection PinnacleEco garment will continue to enjoy much-loved fabric technologies such as H2Tech, which repels liquids on outside while wicking away moisture on the inside, H2Flex engineered stretch, and H2UltraDye which, unlike conventional vat dye processes, actually pushes the dye through the fabric instead of staining the threads.  Construction features such as hidden underarm gussets in PinnacleEco shirts will also remain as part of the designs, as well as Perfection’s recent innovation with their trademarked sleeve crease.

Perfection Uniforms, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is one of the fastest growing uniform companies in the US, and our uniforms are represented exclusively by the Unison MarketingGroup   (, through a select network of valued, full service dealers.
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REPREVE is a trademark of Unifi, Inc. and is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with others.

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