Digital Ally, Inc. Revolutionizes Body Camera – In-Car Video Connectivity at 2013 IACP Conference

Philadelphia, Penn. - Digital Ally, Inc., which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance and speed enforcement products, is introducing new products at the 120th Annual International Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia, PA. One of those products, VuLink™, allows cooperative linking of Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems and FirstVu HD Officer-Worn Video System.

Following the launch of its lightest, longest-lasting and most powerful body-worn video system, the FirstVu HD, Digital Ally is now providing the first system for allowing body cameras and in-car video systems to be automatically or manually activated simultaneously. The patent pending technology, called VuLink, allows Digital Ally’s in-car video systems and FirstVu HD body cameras to work cohesively together, both in the field as well as in Digital Ally’s VuVault back-office management and reporting software.

For example, when a vehicle’s lights are activated, the officer’s body camera will automatically begin recording simultaneously with the vehicle’s in-car video system, thereby removing any distraction to the officer or the chance that they will forget to activate a recording manually. When used in conjunction with the Pre-Event Recording feature of the video systems, which captures footage from before a recording is triggered, this eliminates the need to record constantly, which drains batteries, takes up additional memory and storage space, creates recordings that take longer to upload and review, and is still subject to potential human error.

Alternatively, if the officer is away from the vehicle when an incident occurs, VuLink will also allow officers to remotely start recordings on both systems with their FirstVu HD. When the officer returns, the recordings are uploaded into the VuVault software, which can link the body cam and in-car video evidence together in the same incident.

VuLink provides a truly effortless way to capture in-car video’s broad view of an incident, which can include the officer wearing the body camera, as well as the frequently crucial evidence seen from the officer’s perspective. For more information, visit Digital Ally's IACP booth #1849 or contact Digital Ally, Inc. at 800-440-4947 (+913-814-7774 international) or

About Digital Ally, Inc.

Digital Ally provides a complete line of digital vehicle video systems integrated into a rear-view mirror, utilizing compact monitor controllers, or laptops/MDCs; compact video systems that may be worn or mounted; a digital video flashlight; and LIDAR handheld speed enforcement guns. For more information, contact Digital Ally at 800-440-4947, or visit

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