Pictures Make Great Witnesses

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When you use Polaroid's Injury Documentation Kit to document abuse, you'll capture the evidence the victim needs to tell her story, instantly.

Physical wounds may heal, but even if the story changes, instant pictures stand as proof of what she experienced. Documentation photographs are critical in a woman's fight against domestic violence. Prosecutors can use instant pictures to prove a history of abuse, make bail arguments, and to support the case against the abuser in civil and criminal proceedings. Instant pictures provide testimony without the additional testimony of the victim. They speak for her.

Be sure your pictures will stand up in court
Be certain to document all examples of fresh bruising or cuts. Look for old scars and faded bruises that might illustrate a pattern of abuse. And, when possible, take follow-up photos 24-48 hours after the incident when the size and color of bruising is fully apparent.

With instant film, you'll know that you've got the pictures you need to:

  • Provide a tamper-proof chain of evidence
  • Reduce the number of your court appearances
  • Encourage the victim to press charges
  • Document the patient's injuries
  • Supplement medical records and reinforce diagnosis
Pictures make great witnesses for the prosecution

Our kit contains everything you'll need.

  • A lightweight, easy-to-use, electronic flash camera that gives you full-color photographs in minutes
  • A light-lock close-up lens that lets you capture injuries in minute detail without touching the patient.
  • Convergent light beams show you where to focus, without looking through the viewfinder. This allows you to maintain eye contact with the victim.
  • Your choice of a 1:1 copystand or a twin pack of 990 film
  • A padded carrying case to hold your camera, close-up lens and necessary film.
  • The Polaroid Spectra Close-up Kit contains everything you need to obtain clear, close-up instant injury documentation that will hold up in court, including: a Spectra auto-focus instant camera with an electronic flash for full color photographs; a Light Lock close-up lens for capturing small details in seconds; a padded carrying case to hold the camera lens, and your choice of a twinpack of 990 film or a 1:1 copystand.
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