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On-demand webinar: Blueprint for nonstop Wi-Fi and cellular access in emergency vehicles

Maximizing the power of response vehicles

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The number of devices within an emergency services vehicle requiring constant, secure communication grows every day. Making this technology easy for both officers to use and IT to manage is just as complex. In this session, we provide a blueprint for how organizations can create a secure Wi-Fi bubble in their vehicles that responders can use without changing networks, logging in and out or going through any other unnecessary processes. Whether your agency’s vehicle fleet has five cars or thousands, we walk through the different scenarios to explain what you need for secure, reliable networks of any size — whether on the road or at the office.

We discuss:

  • Wi-Fi use cases for vehicles.
  • Security for all Wi-Fi-connected devices.
  • Best user experience from the back office to the vehicle.


“Very thorough within the amount of time alotted.”

“I learned about the security requirements to consider.”

“Lots of helpful information provided.”



L - R: Robin Manke-Cassidy, Ian Tearle, Daniel Dubief, Graham Lee

Robin Manke-Cassidy is a Product and Solution marketing leader at Cradlepoint. She joined Cradlepoint after holding a variety of roles within Product Management and Marketing in the Mobile, Network and client space. Previously, she spent two decades in Enterprise IT management with roles including access, security, data center server management, development, and networking. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Arizona State University.

Ian Tearle, 20-year industry veteran CWNE 347 with experience of doing Wi-Fi in places that most people would go “Whoa!” Ian moved into the cellular space to learn and challenge himself over new technologies.

Daniel Dubief has more than 10 years in the technology industry, spending over seven years at Cradlepoint as an engineer. His responsibilities include the successful implementation and education of solutions to Cradlepoint customers with an emphasis on in-vehicle applications, including public safety. He also works on POC design and the development, maintenance, and upgrading of equipment and software.

Graham Lee is part of Cradlepoint’s global Center of Excellence team where he is responsible for educating and training around security solutions and capabilities within the Ericsson/Cradlepoint portfolio. He also consults with customers on the implementation of solutions such as Private Cellular Networks, ZTNA, CASB and Cellular-based networking solutions. Historically Graham has worked with multiple manufacturers within the industrial / Operational Technology fields, giving him a wide range of experience across multiple business sectors.