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Sentrics strengthens collaboration with Conn. Department of Corrections

Expanding use of Sentrics’ man down pendant for enhanced officer safety

Daytona, Fla. — Sentrics, a leading provider of innovative safety and technology solutions, is pleased to announce an extended partnership with the Connecticut Department of Corrections, aimed at enhancing officer and staff safety within correctional facilities. The collaboration centers around the utilization of the Sentrics’ Man Down Pendant, a cutting-edge device designed to secure immediate assistance in emergency situations.

The Sentrics Man Down Pendant is a state-of-the-art wearable safety device that empowers correctional officers to call for help quickly and discreetly during potentially dangerous incidents. When activated, the pendant triggers an alert to notify nearby personnel and central monitoring stations, ensuring swift response and assistance.

In addition to its emergency alert functionality, the Man Down Pendant features an innovative tilt alarm. If the pendant remains in a non-upright position for seven seconds, it will automatically send an alert to notify staff of a possible fall or injury, allowing for prompt intervention.

“With safety as our top priority, Sentrics is proud to partner with the Connecticut Department of Corrections to provide enhanced protection and support for correctional officers,” said Brian McWade, Chief Product Officer at Sentrics. “The Man Down Pendant empowers officers with a reliable means to call for help in emergencies, and its advanced tilt alarm further ensures their well-being during critical situations.”

The Sentrics Man Down Pendants are equipped with a bypass switch, allowing users to temporarily disable the tilt alarm when necessary, such as during controlled bending or reaching activities.

Currently deployed in two correctional facilities, the successful implementation of the Sentrics Man Down Pendant has led to its forthcoming expansion into a third facility later this year. The partnership between Sentrics and the Connecticut Department of Corrections also outlines plans to introduce the device to other facilities over the next few years, reinforcing the commitment to officer safety across the state’s correctional system.

About Sentrics:

Sentrics is a leading provider of cutting-edge safety and technology solutions, dedicated to improving the well-being and security of individuals and communities. Their comprehensive suite of products includes innovative wearables, advanced monitoring systems, and intuitive software applications. With a mission to safeguard lives and enhance peace of mind, Sentrics continues to revolutionize the way safety is managed across various industries.