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E.A.R Inc. Launches New E.A.R. Advantage

Boulder, CO. - E.A.R., Inc., a provider of specialized hearing systems introduces a new Digital Electronic Earplug for law enforcement and military hearing protection concerns.

The new “E.A.R. Advantage” features two adjustment controls on the faceplate that gives user the ability to control the sound quality to his/her liking. This adjustment personalizes the hearing protector to the individual but will not change the overall protective aspects of the plug(s). Meaning, you get to hear surrounding sounds at amplified levels, but when necessary, the plug will capture louder sounds and limit the officers exposure to their intense levels.

Many departments looking to tie these into communication systems and wear on the range for training and qualification, have found these to be an extremely good answer. They address the ability to still hear one another, communicate with radios, block high noise levels and fit a variety of tactical applications.

For more detail, please visit our website or email us at 800-525-2690/303-447-2619