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Great Products Aren’t Good Enough At Pryme

For 2013, Pryme enhances its most popular radio accessory products based on customer feedback

Brea, Calif. - Last year, Pryme introduced the SPM-2200 Trooper II speaker microphone, a truly great product for public safety, government, and other users. Since that time Pryme has been working to make this mic even better. One of the things they have done is enhanced the waterproof feature in order to raise it to a rating of IP57, which means it is fully submersible in a tank of water up to 3 meters deep for up to 30 minutes.

In addition, Pryme was approached by customers to convert this mic into a GPS unit that would be compatible with the ICOM iDAS systems or the Kenwood FleetSync / NexEdge systems. So now Pryme offers versions of this mic with a fully integrated GPS receiver. Requests granted.

Pryme also debuted an updated tactical bone conduction headset, which replaces the one they introduced last year. It has bone-conducting speakers that vibrate the mandible of the jaw, bypasses the eardrum and produces audio directly to the inner ear. The ideal use for this product is in a high noise environment. The original product had a small mic built in to one speaker, which picked up too much background noise. Customers asked Pryme to improve that feature, and they did. This year they added a flexible boom with a noise canceling mic element that can be placed close to the mouth. The other feedback Pryme received was that for very active users like SWAT teams and military personnel, the headset would fall off during intensive movement. So Pryme added a thin, over-the-head Velcro strap, which holds the headset firmly in place, but doesn’t interfere with other headgear such as helmets. Problems solved.

What’s more, as of 2013, Bluetooth has now become even more flexible at Pryme. Although Pryme introduced a number of innovative Bluetooth products in the past, this year they created a new device appropriately called the Bluetooth Adapter that can be attached to any headset, earmuff, or even a throat mic, and this simple device converts it to a Bluetooth wireless unit. Not only is that unit now Bluetooth compatible with all of Pryme’s Bluetooth mobile and portable radio adapters, it is also compatible with any cell phone. In effect, this little product from Pryme dramatically expands the universe of devices that anyone can interface to.

The big picture is that Pryme puts a lot of emphasis on designing their own products, and on constantly working to make them better each year.

David George, President of Pryme said, “We see ourselves as an innovative product developer. We have a large engineering staff, and we recently opened a new design center in Taipei, Taiwan. We’re constantly designing products, not only for ourselves, but for other companies as well. The key to Pryme is that we’re always trying to innovate, improve and be a leader in our industry.”

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