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New Service - E.A.R. Becomes World’s First Major Ear Protection Company to Offer Custom Programming For Their Premium Line Digital Units

Boulder, Colorado - Current data supports the fact that more officers are entering clinics with high frequency hearing losses they should not have for their age. In response to law enforcement and military requests E.A.R. is pleased to announce that all of its DIGITAL series of electronic earplugs can be PROGRAMMED to a person’s hearing loss when they submit a current hearing test from any board certified provider. This program applies to all Digital Behind the ear, ST MiniCanal, Custom and NEW WATERPROOF OPEN EAR series.

Through the use of our lab’s own propritary software we can now provide our client’s with maximum performance from their devices. All custom units, (2 Channel or 4 Channel ) now come lanyard ready and with a 2 year warranty and can feature two-way radio capability.

For more information regarding this program in addition to updates about our PATENTED OPEN EAR technology feel free to contact E.A.R. Inc. At 1-800-525-2690 or E-Mail