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Marquis Software and MessageMedia announce study that shows text messaging appointment reminders reduce community corrections no-shows by 43%

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Marquis Software, a leading platform for Offender Management Systems and Global business messaging provider MessageMedia, are excited to announce the results of a research study designed to measure the impact of text messaging appointment reminders on individuals under community corrections supervision. The study found that using text messaging to send appointment reminders in advance of scheduled meetings reduced no-shows for individuals by as much as 43% when a reminder was sent the day before the scheduled meeting.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections deployed Marquis Software’s eOMIS® system for inmate management, electronic health records and community supervision. One key capability of the platform is its ability to automate the coordination and scheduling of community supervision appointments. Historical data from the Arkansas Division of Community Correction (ACC) showed that nearly 20% of these appointments were not held, resulting in wasted time and effort for officers involved with managing these cases, and potential violations for parolees. ACC believed that by adding the ability to notify attendees via text messaging would result in fewer no-shows for appointments.

ACC contracted with Marquis Software to add text messaging capability to the eOMIS® platform. Marquis chose to partner with MessageMedia, due to its robust API, 20+ years experience, and reliable support and implementation team. The integration allowed the eOMIS® platform to automatically trigger text-based appointment reminders and process incoming appointment confirmations, while maintaining a complete history of all SMS communications within the eOMIS® database. At the same time, ACC conducted an externally-validated study to determine the effect of text messages, as well as the most ideal timing for them. To see full study, please go to -

Some of the study’s conclusions were:

  • Sending one text message the day before the appointment resulted in 43% fewer no-shows for the scheduled appointments, compared to a control group that received no text message notifications.
  • The researchers recommended sending text message appointment confirmation reminders to everyone under community supervision as a matter of standard agency policy, given the relatively low cost and high return on investment.

Doug Rubingh, US President, MessageMedia commented, “We’re excited and proud to partner with Marquis as they innovate with SMS communications in corrections and criminal justice. Their use of SMS technology and MessageMedia serves a dual purpose of preventing reoffending and also saving taxpayers money, two things I think we can all get behind.”

Nicholas Stewart, Shared Services, Human Resources and Training Administrator, Arkansas Department of Corrections said, “The texting feature of eOMIS® has been a game-changer. Texting allows the offender to be held much more accountable for meeting appointments and financial obligations.”

About Marquis Software

Marquis Software is a leading provider of Offender Management Systems. For over 38 years, they have pioneered the enterprise-wide automation of corrections software with their electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS®). The eOMIS® system offers unsurpassed solutions for Inmate Management, Electronic Health Records and Community Supervision. Marquis Software is the largest provider of Offender Management Software in the world and has been implemented in eight state Department of Corrections and over 16 county jails.

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