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What NOT to do on SOCIAL MEDIA as an OFFICER!!

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In this video Steve Maynard describes 4 things NOT to do with social media as an officer of law enforcement to keep yourself, your family, and co-workers safe. 1. Do not accept friend requests from career criminals or inmates. This may seem obvious, but there will be much more harm than good that comes from accepting a friend request from an inmate. 2. Set you and your family’s profiles to private. Inmates are smart. Even if your profile is set to private, they will dig in and do their research on your friends/family’s accounts to find any information they can on you. They will use this information to threaten or even try extort you. 3. Do not post while on duty. This is a safety hazard for you, the inmates, co-workers, and they facility itself. You are giving potentially vital information to the public while doing this. You’re supposed to be working, not browsing social media during this time. 4. Do not post about work. Do not vent about work on social media. Everything you put on the internet is permanent in one way or another. Don’t let your frustration in the moment cost you your career. To learn more visit