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Body Cameras

Mercy County jail warden wants body cameras to “protect us — the county and the staff”
The department plans to establish an 8-sergeant committee to review use-of-force incidents, taking the matter out of the hands of direct supervisors
Integrating BWC and facility video in a single system enhances safety, reduces liability, aids investigations, and makes documentation more accurate and efficient
A Buffalo News lawsuit seeks to force release of video showing an officer kicking an inmate’s head
Pay supplements will also be offered to the youth specialists and corrections officers who work in the Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility housing units
One COs union is skeptical of the cameras, saying the money could be better spent on hiring more officers
The six bills, including one requiring all COs to wear body cams, passed in less than an hour without a single “no” vote
Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett said there is still more to be done to make correctional jobs more attractive
The judge made her ruling after reviewing dozens of declarations submitted on behalf of disabled inmates
COs can decide when to turn the cameras on, a policy that has drawn some criticism
The advantages of body-worn cameras in law enforcement and corrections are well-documented, but the disadvantages can be an unwelcome surprise. Learn why this agency sought a new vendor after only three years.
The right DEMS can improve the management and sharing of critical evidence, including bodycam video, for more successful investigations
Body-worn cameras provide an objective record that can discourage bad behavior, decrease the likelihood of frivolous grievances and make it easier to investigate when incidents do occur
Download this Corrections1 body-worn cameras buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation