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RaySecur advances the safety and accessibility of mail-based drug and contraband detection for the corrections market

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Corrections officers and mail screeners gain improved drug-laced paper detection, increased portability, and chain-of-custody auditing, all without opening the mail.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., RaySecur®, the leading provider of desktop T-ray imaging scanners, has announced enhancements for inmate mail security designed to make it even easier to detect drugs and contraband smuggled into corrections facilities via postal mail - without opening it. Postal mail is a leading method of concealing illicit drugs and contraband. The influx has increased the exposure risk for mail screeners and correctional officers to harmful substances as well as inmate overdoses and deaths.

New MailSecur® features include improved visualization of drug-laced paper, mobile operation via an optional long-life battery pack, and video documentation of the screening process. All of these features were developed specifically for the corrections market with input from leading state departments of corrections (DOC) to further their mission of keeping staff and inmates safe via effective mail screening for dangerous substances.

“We’re excited to bring our corrections customers new options that substantially impact a crucial part of their interdiction strategy,” stated Noah Loren, chief production officer, RaySecur. “Our T-Ray imaging platform provides the software and hardware flexibility required to react to customer feedback quickly. With MailSecur, correctional facilities have an effective and safe solution for screening inmate mail that can evolve and scale with their needs.”

RaySecur has added software capabilities to the drug-laced paper detection interface to provide insights on the saturation level of the paper. Now the MailSecur unit will automatically scan the paper inside of a sealed envelope and dynamically visualize the level of anomalies within the full stack of mail in a matter of seconds. Normal, untreated paper is displayed as green, while anomalies indicating areas laced or soaked in drugs appear as yellow or red regions in the scan. Having this information before opening the letter eliminates the risk of accidental exposure, reducing the time required to screen legal mail by up to 80% for a major state DOC.

Legal mail screening often must be conducted in front of the inmate, which places correctional officers at serious risk of injury while moving inmates from their cells to a screening room. Customers can now purchase a battery pack and mobile cart option for MailSecur, allowing the system to be wheeled to an inmate’s cell to conduct the screening, removing the need to transfer the inmate. The optional power supply provides up to 24 hours of run-time, while the rugged cart allows for multi-surface maneuverability. Operators can now easily take the MailSecur scanner anywhere in the facility to conduct mail screening.

To expedite reporting and collection of evidence, MailSecur now offers dual-camera, timestamped video recording of the mail screening process. The onboard deck camera captures activities on the screening bed while the integrated T-ray camera simultaneously records video imagery of the contents concealed in the mail. These synchronized videos, documenting evidence chain of custody, can be used during a further investigation or for legal prosecution.

With MailSecur, users see what’s inside their mail or small parcels without opening them. The scanner is easy to use – simply holding an unopened mail item in the field of view provides a real-time 3D video of contents concealed within it, including drug-laced papers. This advanced imaging capability is built on safe T-ray technology that allows operators to freely manipulate the objects to gain alternate views for a detailed inspection in a matter of seconds. This approach is markedly different from other screening technologies, like X-ray, which uses harmful radiation and requires specialized training and certification to interpret the 2D scans accurately.

MailSecur is deployed at several state-level corrections facilities, including Virginia, Wisconsin’s Division of Adult Institutions, and South Dakota, among others. It is also used by county and local police departments, such as Louisville Metro. Attendees of the American Correctional Association (ACA) 155 Congress of Correction in Orlando, Fla., on January 29 to 31, can see the new functionality in action. Visit RaySecur in Booth #807

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