10 cuts the Broco-Rankin Diamond Ripper can tackle

A Diamond Ripper blade can be a handy tool for correctional breaches

When correctional breachers get the call to respond, they almost can guarantee a rescue saw will be part of their breaching plan. Rescue saws are the most versatile of the mechanical breaching tools available, but a rescue saw is only as good as the blade it uses.

Not all saw blades are built the same. Abrasive blades wear out quickly and can shatter, while carbide chunk blades wear down quicker on heavy gauge steel.

Then there are diamond blades. Although there are several diamond blades on the market, the Broco-Rankin Diamond Ripper blade has the reputation and the construction that make it one of the best.

What makes the Diamond Ripper a good choice? The 12- and 14-inch Broco-Rankin Diamond Ripper is made of a solid-core, one-piece construction blade. In addition, it brazes the diamonds on its blades using a nickel matrix that is tougher and more erosion resistant than steel electroplating. These features let the Broco-Rankin Diamond Ripper blade cut through almost any material found inside a jail or correctional facility.

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