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Stop drone intruders with APS Ctrl+Sky

RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Prisons and jails are becoming the target of unwanted drones more and more often. Prisoners can have almost any type of contraband “dropped” into the prison yard without ever making physical contact with anyone.


Drugs, weapons and cellphones are just some of the items that have been “smuggled” into correctional facilities via drone recently. This high-tech approach to smuggling is beginning to replace the old fashion ways of bringing “contraband” into facilities.

The Advanced Protection Systems’ (APS) Ctrl+Sky counter-drone system makes it possible to detect, identify, track and neutralize drone intruders. The APS Ctrl+Sky is an industry breakthrough in drone security. It is thanks to the combination of unique technological approach that utilizes a 4 sensor solution (RF, radar, acoustics and camera) on one platform, which provides an efficiency that makes this counter-drone solution a global game changer in the area of counter UAS.

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About Advanced Protection Systems
Advanced Protection Systems is an innovative technology company focused on preventing the threat posed by UAV. Our Multi-Sensor approach utilizing Radar, RF, Acoustic and Video implements a solution that provides maximum efficiency and complete protection against intrusive drones.

Everyday drones can compromise security and privacy as well as present a hostile threat. Drones can threaten the security and safety of people, property and sensitive information at airports, prisons, power plants, government facilities, industrial sites and public events.