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Avon’s FM53 receives NIOSH Industrial Approval

Avon Protection Systems, part of Avon Rubber p.l.c., has received NIOSH approval under Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84 (42 CFR 84) for the FM53 Air Purifying Respirator with the CTF12 riot agent canister. This respirator is approved under approval number TC-14G-0304 and offers protection from particulate hazards including dust, mist, fume, bacteria and virus, plus riot agents, Chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS) and Phenacyl chloride (CN).

Avon Protection SystemsGary Dunn, VP, Sales and Marketing, Avon Protection, said, “With NIOSH Industrial certification now in place, we are expecting an enthusiastic response to the FM53 with the Federal, Corrections and Law Enforcement user community. The FM53 is a highly featured mask, incorporating the latest technical advances which Avon has developed for the US Special Forces amongst others.”The FM53 mask features a patented twin exhalation valve providing the capability to use the mask with all recognized modes of Respiratory Protective Equipment and is the only tactical mask with this capability. The FM53 has the ability to function as a negative pressure mask as well as with a select number of Avon ISI industrial SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators). NIOSH CBRN APR approval is pending.
Available in four sizes, the FM53 mask features include:

• A clear cheek for weapon sighting
• Unique panoramic flexible visor
• Interchangeable nosecups for maximum comfort and fit
• Electronic Communication for integrated Voice Projection Unit and radio communication
• High flow fail safe drink device

“Our technical experts at Avon have been working with end users in the respiratory protective arena for over 80 years and as a consequence have built up a comprehensive knowledge of their continually evolving requirements. The FM53 has been designed using this knowledge. When users face the prospect of entering hazardous environments, they require respiratory solutions that allow them to rapidly adapt to the situation and the FM53 provides this capability,” explains Gary Dunn.

Following NIOSH Industrial approval, Avon has submitted a further application for NIOSH CBRN air purifying respirator certification.

About Avon Protection
Avon Protection, an Avon Rubber p.l.c. company, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of CBRN respiratory protection equipment. Avon has been supplying respirators to the UK Ministry of Defence and other NATO allies for over 80 years and is the sole supplier of military respirators to the US armed forces, supplying the M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask. With new conflicts and threat scenarios creating additional daily risks for individuals in military, law enforcement, first responder and emergency service applications, Avon Protection maintains a market leading position by investing in continual research and development to meet changing operational requirements.