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TEMECULA, CA; January 2002 - - Introducing the Bianchi SL3.2.1™ SpeedLok™ Retention Holster, a new concept redefining retention and security police duty holsters. Featuring an innovative SpeekLok™ mechanism, this holster allows an officer to holster the weapon, and have a level of “automatic” retention unheard of before. The SpeedLok’s exclusive “Auto Retention™” system secures automatically, preventing weapon fallout or take away attempts.

“The Auto Retention™ system addresses the problem of time consuming holstering during stressful duty conditions. In many cases, the ability to secure the firearm is more important than quickly drawing the firearm.,” says Mike Shire, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bianchi International. “Our SpeedLok™ system provides a quick, simple and secure retention solution which is perfect for law enforcement needs.”

With new SL3.2.1™ holster design, drawing is quick, efficient and on a single-plane of movement. When the weapon is holstered, the Auto Retention™ system becomes activated. “Auto Retention™” is SpeedLok’s ability to automatically secure the weapon without intentionally engaging any secondary snaps, bails or other devices. The duty weapon can be twisted and pulled in any direction but the weapon can not be removed from the holster until the SpeedLok™ mechanism is deactivated. To deactivate, simply release the SpeedLok™ lever with the thumb and draw. It’s that easy.

An additional feature of the SL3.2.1™ is the new ErgoTek™ ergonomic cushioning system that is built into the injection-molded belt loop of the holster. This patent pending, integral, closed-cell foam pad greatly enhances carrying comfort for all-day duty wear.

The SL3.2.1™ is offered in AccuMold® ballistic weave (Model 7130), and in Bianchi’s patent pending AccuMold® Elite™, plain or basketweave finish (Model 7930). The SL3.2.1™ will be available in fits for all popular law enforcement weapons on the market. Suggested retail is as follows:
Model 7130 SL3.2.1™ SpeedLok™ AccuMold® $85.00
Model 7930 SL3.2.1™ SpeedLok™ AccuMold® Elite™ $95.00

Established in 1958, Bianchi International is recognized worldwide as one of the largest, leading designers and manufacturers of leather and nylon holsters and accessories for law enforcement, sports enthusiasts and the military. For additional information, contact Bianchi International, P.O. Box 9015, Temecula, CA 92589-9015, call (800) 477-8545 or (909) 676-5621, or fax (800) 283-2936 or (909) 676-6777; or visit Bianchi International at

Contact: Mike Shire, V.P. of Sales & Marketing

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