BlackHawk® is Proud to Announce the Introduction of the Close Quarters

For Immediate Release The CQC™ synthetic holsters are manufactured from an advanced polymer and carbon-fiber composite. These are open-top concealment designs that incorporate several innovative features. All CQC™ carbon-fiber holsters feature an adjustable internal tension device. For users that require a secondary retention device, the CQC™ offers the SERPA Technology™ Active Retention System. When holstered, the pistol is automatically locked by the SERPA Technology™ System. The CQC™ SERPA holster requires no rocking, twisting, or awkward manipulation of snaps or thumb breaks to draw the weapon. To meet the varied needs of the user, all CQC™ holsters come with an adjustable angle belt loop and a paddle. Both are adjustable for the cant of the holster and the belt loop is designed to accommodate a variety of belt widths. To complete the system, a uniquely designed accessory paddle features dual rails to mount pouches for magazines, a flashlight, or other items. Each Dual Rail Accessory Platform comes complete with a mounting bracket for the M-3 series of lights. Separate magazine pouches, compact flashlight carrier and M-3 light carrier are also available.

For the traditionalist, CQC™ offers a line of well-designed holsters manufactured from premium cowhide. The leather is drum dyed, molded, then hand boned and polished. Models include the Compact Askins, a 3-Slot Pancake, and an Inside-the-Pants holster with an angle adjustable belt loop. The Roto-Infinity combines an Askins holster with a rotating belt loop that offsets the pistol from the body for added comfort. The Speed Classic is a modern rendition of the classic Berns-Martin Triple Threat belt holster that is specifically designed for small frame revolvers. It is both fast and compact. CQC(tm) also offers the Detachable Belt Slide that features the security of a belt slot with the convenience of a paddle. All holsters represent quality and design that have withstood the test of time and experience.

To round out the product line, BlackHawk introduces the Stealth Pistol Belt. This synthetic belt offers the appearance of quality leather while providing a solid foundation to carry full size duty weapons. The 1 1/4 inch Stealth Pistol Belt is offered in carbon-fiber and lizard finishes.

About BlackHawk
Located in Norfolk, Virginia BlackHawk Products Group™ serves as the parent company of BlackHawk Tactical Gear, HellStorm®, HydraStorm®, MOD™ Knives, Delta Design Group™ and CQC™ Holsters. For more information, contact Customer Service at 800-694-5263 or e-mail:

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