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The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is responsible for the operation of the California state prison and parole systems. CDCR is the third-largest law enforcement agency in the United States behind the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the New York City Police Department. CDCR correctional officers are sworn law enforcement officers with peace officer powers. CDCR emphasizes public safety, rehabilitation, community reintegration and restorative justice.

CDCR’s proposal calls for eliminating all unpaid work assignments and reducing hours for most prison workers from full-time jobs to half-time
CDCR prison officials have touted the revitalized degree as a pioneering program that could serve as a national model, created exclusively for incarcerated students
CDCR’s new regulations would give solitary inmates up to 20 hours of outside cell time per week, up from the 10 hours they are currently allowed
“BIG HOUSE” is the 11th seasoning created by the Smokin’ Bros, who donate a portion of all sales to the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
The California state prison system aims to increase the female workforce from 17% to 30% by expanding recruitment efforts
The most common investigation misstep is lack of timeliness, but in one case an officer accused of molesting a teen was paid for more than 2 years before termination
Anthony “Jack” Sully, 79, died of natural causes at a medical facility outside of the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center
A council, allowed to meet in secret, advised Gov. Newsom on a $360 million plan to remake the prison grounds as a college campus, with a student union, classrooms and possibly a coffee shop
The Camp GED program offers a flexible, supportive learning environment for the firefighters, helping them balance their duties while pursuing their education
A heat illness prevention plan for the state’s 30 prisons includes increased access to water, ice, fans, portable cooling units
The new contract, which requires union and legislature approval, also includes a $1,200 health and wellness stiped in 2023 and 2024
The inmates were able to showcase emotions through a series of short performances
Prison sentences were reduced for at least 602 people as a result of two new laws; saving taxpayers between $94 million and $1.2 billion in prison costs
COs suffer from depression, PTSD and suicide at a higher rate than the average population; part of the revamp plan is to improve the prison staff’s experience
Van Houten was found suitable for parole after a July 2020 hearing, but her release was blocked by Gov. Newsom, who maintained she was still a threat to society