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Fresh Gear Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe? In order to effectively kill bacteria and reduce odors, ozone needs to be used as a shock treatment. This requires high levels of ozone contained within a sealed environment, such as our stainless steel enclosure. The Fresh Gear machine is able to accomplish this, because we use a proprietary ozone destruction process that brings the ozone levels down to a safe level before the machine can be opened.
  2. Where is it made? The Fresh Gear Cyclone is made in Canada. All of the components that go into it are made in the USA or Canada.
  3. Has it been tested? Testing to determine bacteria kill rates, were conducted by GAP EnviroMicrobial Lab in London, ON. We have the results on our website to prove it.Our tests are based on actual swabs from the INSIDE of sports gear. The toughest places for ozone to reach. Our competitors publish results of their tests performed on the outside of athletics gear and in petri dishes. Are you paying someone to disinfect your petri dishes?
  4. Consumables? Fresh Gear machines use a standard electrical outlet and require no special oils or consumables for operation. It is quite possibly the “greenest” cleaning machine available.
  5. Who uses Fresh Gear? No company in this market has a 90% share (as some claim), especially when you factor in over 140 locations that Fresh Gear has across North America. Fresh Gear is used in the NHL, U.S. and Canadian Military Bases, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Schools, Commercial Dry Cleaners, and is the Official Supplier to Hockey Canada.
  6. Why distribute ozone with perforated tubing instead of placing gear on wire racks? Which is more effective? Think of it this way, you can cram as many dishes as you can into your dishwasher, but how clean are your dishes when they come out? The best way to dry, disinfect and deodorize is by ensuring ozone thoroughly penetrates the gear. Fresh Gear also offers a wire shelf option that we recommend ONLY for items that can’t fit on piping (ie. keyboard, mouse, etc).