The Holster Resource Kit From Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Helps Officers Develop Critical Weapon Handling Skills

Overland Park, KS. — The new Holster Resource Kit from Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement helps officers become more proficient with drawing and holstering their firearm during stressful response situations.

The kit contains an Act & React Training Ball and an instructional DVD with a series of drills that an officer can do individually or with a partner to become more proficient with their holster.

“I have evaluated and studied most non-lethal and lethal weapons, police and military gear and equipment used in the industry today,” said Dave Young, director and founder of ARMA training. “I have partnered with Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement to develop the Holster Resource Kit to help officers learn more about the holster they have and how to define their holster safety and holster security levels. A typical scenario for most officers is you have just been issued your firearm and holster from your agency. You secure the firearm inside the holster and qualify on the range, attend some in-service training at your agency and anything more than that is a fairy tale when it comes to the drawing and handling of your firearm and holster. You hear this time and time again about training, budget, overtime, etc…and some still do not get the fact that training is not something your agency needs to pay you for but rather something you do because it will SAVE your life!”

The purpose of these drills is to keep your focus on the ball and not on your holster. This is exactly what will be expected of an officer while on the job at that critical moment when their attention is focused on a suspect. The Holster Resource Kit from Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement can make operating a holster second nature for officers, helping them stay focused on the threat to their safety.

“Over the years I have conducted force on force defensive tactics training. I have seen my share of what works and what doesn’t,” Dave Young adds, “It’s easy to punch paper but what happens when the paper punches back? Can you draw your firearm when your life or the lives of others depend on it? This is the real world question that demands a real world response and the important relationship needed between the officers and the performance of their gear.”

“The Holster Resource Kit is a revolutionary tool that will allow you to become more proficient in the use of your holster. Years of training officers in all kind of conditions led me to develop these drills which are taught and used in each of my classes. The ability to access your firearm quickly and with confidence is invaluable should you be in a fight for your life. Don't you think your life is worth it?”

The Holster Resource Kit sells for a suggested retail price of $9.95 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund. To learn more about the Fund please visit

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