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Attica CO suffers concussion in inmate attack

The inmate broke out of his restraints and attacked the officer with a wall monitor

By C1 Staff

ATTICA, N.Y. — A corrections officer suffered a concussion after an inmate receiving medical treatment attacked him.

According to The Daily News, the inmate was receiving medical treatment on June 25 when he broke out of his restraints and ripped a medical monitor off the wall. Two officers who were outside the room entered to restrain the inmate, but he swung and struck one CO on the head. The officer suffered a concussion and a hip muscle strain.

The officer was transported to the hospital for treatment and remains off duty, NYSCOPBA regional vice president Joe Miano told the publication.

With the help of the medical center police, the COs put the inmate back into his restraints. He was moved to a secure room before he was returned to the prison.

“Another violent, unprovoked attack on staff,” Miano said. “This latest assault shows that our members not only get attacked inside prisons, but at medical facilities as well when inmates are being treated.”