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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., - Some of you have already heard or even used the services provided by RCE Consulting LLC based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Steve Norris, Health Physicist and owner of RCE Consulting LLC has teamed with Corrections1 in an effort to communicate with those of you who own and operate radiation emitting equipment such as security/baggage type cabinet x-ray equipment and/or own and operate the backscatter or transmission x-ray equipment to ensure you are informed of your State regulatory requirements and responsibilities and how RCE can assist.  

Mr. Norris has 40 years of knowledge and experience in both the nuclear and radiation emitting device industry and he possesses a compassion for compliance and a willingness to help others.  

RCE’s mission is to assist all owners and operators of radiation emitting equipment to obtain and maintain State regulatory compliance by providing your facility with registration guidance and a State required written Radiation Protection Program (10CFR20.1101 or State equivalent Standards for Protection Against Radiation – Radiation Protection Programs). 

RCE provides the designated facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) with training and materials needed to successfully manage a compliant RP Program specific to the type of x-ray equipment you possess, including guidance on how to properly manage a dosimetry monitoring program when required. 

RCE provides facility x-ray operators with State required radiation safety training, including a 50-question exam (required in CA per Title 17, paragraph 30337 for cabinet x-ray operators and ANSI N43.17 (2009), section 8.2.5) for the specific type of x-ray equipment you possess. 

RCE Consulting LLC is a veteran owned company which began in 2008 part time and has grown into a  full-time husband and wife team serving numerous industries which include: 

Law Enforcement & Correctional Facilities such as building entry checkpoints, full body screening checkpoints, and first responders. 

Critical Infrastructure such as jails, prisons, Corporate mail rooms, Corporate Security Checkpoints and courthouses. 

Aviation Air Cargo & Transportation such as indirect air carriers, freight forwarders, cruise ship entry checkpoints.  

Ports & Borders such as border control security checkpoints, seaports, or other large cargo container inspection facilities. 

State / Local / Corporate / Hotel / Casino’s building security checkpoints & mailrooms. 

Schools / Universities / Hospitals / Private Building security checkpoints using non-medical baggage type cabinet x-ray equipment or for experimental work using x-rays. 

Food Processing & Packaging facilities who utilize x-ray inspection technology, in part, for foreign material detection to enhance their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program.  

RCE Consulting LLC has provided RP Programs, RSO Training and required x-ray operator radiation safety training to hundreds of facilities and thousands of x-ray operators in all of the above categories. 

We are currently providing blue chip large corporations with online cabinet x-ray RP Programs and training in multiple States and locations throughout the United States, Canada and other international countries. 

RCE Consulting LLC is also working closely with major manufacturers of full body screening systems and providing end users with ANSI N43.17 (2009) compliant online RP Programs and required training in multiple States and Canada. 

We encourage you to view our website at the below link. If you have any questions for Mr. Norris, please contact him at or by phone at (M) 865-696-9117 or (O) 843-650-9724. Leave a message if I do not pick up. 

About RCE Consulting, LLC
RCE Consulting, LLC provides the “missing link” for those who own and operate x-ray equipment such as cabinet x-ray and full body x-ray screening systems. View our website for more details. 

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