LEOSA Offers Comprehensive Protection Against Financial Ruin for Retired Officers

Is $250 a fair price for real peace of mind?

As a retired correctional officer you can legally carry a firearm in all 50 states under LEOSA-HR218. However, if you actually use that that weapon in a lawful act of self-defense, suddenly everything you have worked so hard for in your career is put at risk.

A recent road rage incident in Florida illustrates what can happen to someone who legally uses a firearm in self defense:

An older man was run off the road by an inebriated young man, who dragged the older man out of his vehicle and savagely assaulted him until the victim was able to pull his legally carried .40 handgun and shoot his assailant, saving his own life. Since the assailant was unarmed, the assault victim was charged with manslaughter, although the criminal charges were later dismissed. However, the family of the assailant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man who was protecting himself. The lawsuit is still in process with the true victim forced to pay attorneys fees while facing the real possibility that by using deadly force to save his life he could be financially ruined.

If you possess or carry a firearm and are relying on your homeowner’s or umbrella policy to protect you in a self-defense shooting, you need to know that you could be placing your pension, your personal assets, and your way of life in great peril. That’s because most homeowner’s policies don’t cover intentional acts of self-defense, and umbrella policies offer no broader coverage than your underlying policy.

So imagine that you have just saved your own life or the lives of your loved ones by using justifiable deadly force. Now, your life can get really unpleasant. You are likely to be deluged with subpoenas for court appearances, requiring you to hire defense attorneys at $400 an hour with the billing hours sure to add up quickly. With no one to count on for assistance, your home ownership and financial assets are at stake and you still have you family to care for.

If you are thinking this will never happen to you, a recent incident involving a retired officer in California shows how easily it is to become involved in a legally justified shooting:

On March 19 of this year, a retired Burbank police officer was waiting in line at a McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles when an armed robber brandished a handgun and threatened employees and customers. This officer confronted the suspect, and a scuffle ensued that ended with the retired officer using deadly force. View a TV news report about the incident.

Hopefully this incident will not result in a civil action against the officer, but that remains a real possibility. Certainly it’s not a stretch to envision yourself in a similar situation.

Don’t wait for that to occur. Get the comprehensive self-defense liability insurance coverage you need as a retired correctional officer now, before you are faced with a situation that could ruin your life. Designed specifically for retired officers, the LEOSA-HR218 Self-Defense Protection policy offers primary coverage, which responds immediately—unlike policies that provide excess coverage that is delayed and uncertain, or policies that offer “legal services only” coverage.

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