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General Testimonials

I am a Special Forces officer assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group. I continue to be impressed both with the quality of your products and your support. I own a 4x32 ACOG, an O.E.G. and four sets of your tritium sights. I recommend Trijicon to anyone looking for combat sights and optics.

- Marcus Custer, Ft. Bragg, NC

Let me express my appreciation to you for making such fine products. I have 6 different weapons equipped with Trijicon sights/optics. In choosing a weapon, I find myself going down the list of criteria that the weapon must meet. Those criteria are ever changing, depending upon the environment in which I will be operating. The one constant on every weapon I use is the manufacturer of the sights on that weapon. That manufacturer has always been Trijicon. I have never had cause to question the quality and workmanship of a Trijicon sight or optic. My life has depended upon my being able to accurately fire my weapon in almost total darkness. Not having to worry about seeing the "dot" is a benefit only appreciated by those of us who have been in a no/low light altercation. Thank you.

- M. Sanders, Tennessee


I am pleased to report that during my hunt in Romania, I shot a beautiful trophy chamois with one shot delivered with the help of your AccuPoint riflescope.The chamois I shot was approximately 300 meters ahead and above me in the cliffs. When I raised my rifle the bright amber triangle that constitutes the aiming point in the AccuPoint quickly found the target. It seems to do so automatically under any light conditions. Holding a moving target seems easier than with conventional reticles. The Trijicon AccuPoint is as simple to mount, adjust and work with as any of the top quality scopes on the market.

- Theodore M. Siouris, New York, NY

I am extremely pleased with the Trijicon scope. It is an excellent value and I feel it will extend my hunting a number of years.

- Robert Thompson, Washington Boro, PA

Night Sights

I am a retired Navy Seal and currently a police officer in San Diego County, CA. I have had your night sights on my working guns for many years. During those years I have put your sight through some extreme on-the-job testing and have always been impressed with their durability. The quality of your product and outstanding warranty has made me a firm believer in Trijicon Night Sights. So as long as you keep making them, I''ll keep putting them on my working guns.

- Rocky Carlock, Imperial Beach, CA

I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for your exceptional products. I am a proud owner of what is my first set of Trijicon night sights (Glock 20, 10mm) Unfortunately, I have tried many different sights in the past, but now I am sold on Trijicon. I hope to enjoy more of your top quality, awesome products. Thanks!

- Randall Warden


I am a 57-year-old with bifocals. The reflex sight has put a whole new meaning on shooting for me. With my age, I could see the sights or the target but not both. With the reflex, I can now see both. I am about to buy three more Reflex II units for my other guns.

- Dr. Bill Thornton, Cheswick, PA

I thank you all for your consideration in making my hunt very successful. It has worked flawlessly and works the same in bright sunlight or dark cloudy days. I took another turkey yesterday with it. Thanks again.

- Gerald Austin, Hudson, NY

The ACOG sight is used on entry weapons for our department''s SWAT Team. I have used it for several years now and have found it to be the best sight I have ever used. Speed and accuracy are instantly improved once our shooters use the sight.

- Mike Jenkins, Turlock, CA


You make the best scopes in the world. Thank you

- Mark Thompson, Bloomington, IN

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