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The Corrections1 Retirement topic page is a dedicated platform for all matters related to the retirement of correctional officers and staff.

These tips, tools, products and services are designed to promote emotional and psychological resilience
The NYC DOC said 160 officers retired in 2023, 368 in 2022 and 403 in 2021 — a total of 931 over three years
The pension change means some people hired shortly after high school or college could now qualify for full retirement benefits while still in their 40s, a fact recruiters intend to promote
These personal finance tips will help accelerate your savings for daily necessities and meeting your financial goals
Instead of the test for Erie County facilities, individuals can complete an online “training and experience” application that awards points for different levels of educational attainment and work experience
John DeSalvo is accused of creating a crypto token and marketing it to first responders on social media, promising returns to supplement their pension plans
Stop and reevaluate – you can do more than sit around and reminisce
Regardless of your level of wealth, the failure to establish an estate plan can be detrimental to your family
Retired COs temporarily rehired will be able to continue to receive their retirement benefits while earning a regular paycheck
Donn Weber so far has driven to fish in 47 states, with only Oregon, Washington and Hawaii remaining on his bucket list
“I don’t think we should be rewarding government when families across Connecticut are struggling,” Senate Republican leader Kevin Kelly said
While serving as a Marine in Japan, Jose Villegas saw news about the deadly riot at the New Mexico State Penitentiary and decided to become a corrections officer
Here are four considerations if you’re thinking about business ownership after retirement
Liz Bouts started working for Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office as a records clerk 1986 and became a corrections officer in 2002
Shedding your work-related habits can help you acclimate to a non-corrections life
If you look at retirement like a standard four-sided foundation, it features four cornerstones: activity, financial, physical and emotional
A pension might be padding for a comfortable retirement, but is it all you need?
The Oregon Department of Corrections is struggling to hire new employees as nearly one-fifth of its workforce becomes retirement eligible in 2018
The pull of such post-police jobs extends nationwide
State troopers, COs and other ‘hazardous duty employees’ would not be moved into the new plan
Here are some strategies about how you should start preparing for retirement now
Recently released report card by the the institute took stock of 151 municipal pension plans across the state, updating a previous assessment done in 2011
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Victor Quintanilla remembers his first day on the job at the Bexar County Jail on Sept. 17, 1974
Working for 33 years as Berks County Prison warden was like living in a pressure cooker that George A. Wagner just couldn’t take anymore
Robert Valls has seen a lot of juveniles over the 23 years he has been chief juvenile probation officer for Limestone County