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Insight Technology FAQ’s

Why should I use the M3-LED?
LED lighting can be used in conjunction with the blinding white light of the M3 for a multi-purpose lighting accessory. Use red for signaling, white for utility lighting, blue for preserving night vision, green for navigation, IR for use with night vision equipment, or UV for crime scene investigation. The LED works as an on-board back-up light source should your batteries quit unexpectedly, and can be used for a high beam/low beam effect.

Does the M3 fit on the HK USP?
No, the M3 (M3-LED, M6, M3X, M6X) fits onto an open rail system, such as the weaver rail or 1913 rail. The USP models use a closed rail system, in which the rail doesn’t travel the length of the barrel. We do make the UTL (sold through HK Authorized dealers) and M2, and LAM-350 for the USP. There are now after-market rail converters available that enable our Slide-Lock lights to fit the USP: GG&G

What is the difference between the M6 and the LAM-150?
The LAM is a military standard light/laser combination that has been used in the field by US Special Operations Forces for 10 years. It is waterproof, extremely rugged, uses a high-powered laser, and is highly accurate. The M6 is not waterproof, uses a commercial grade of laser, and is not tested to military durability. Both products fit weaver or Picatinny rail systems.

What size hex key do I need?
Several of our products come with the required hex key/allen wrench to make adjustments. Should you lose or damage this equipment, you can purchase these items at your local electronics or hardware stores. The following is a list of products and corresponding sizes of hex keys: -Beretta Adaper, CFL-600: 3/32 -Shotgun Adapter, CFL-200: 7/64 -SIG Adapters, CFL-22x: 5/64 -M6 laser adjuster, TLI-000: 35/1000 -LAM laser adjuster: 1/16

What is the price of the lights?
As the manufacturer, Insight establishes an MSRP (manufacturer’'s suggested retail price) for each product. Contact your nearest dealer/distributor for final pricing and availability.

What kind of batteries do I use?
All of our lights require 3 volt lithium batteries. Insight uses Duracell DL123A. If you’'re buying Energizer, use EL123AP; Panasonic, use CR123A.

Do Insight’'s lights come with batteries?
The M-series lights are not shipped from the factory with batteries. Exceptions: All LAM models and some M6''s are shipped with batteries.

Who is Streamlight? and Did Streamlight buy Insight?
Insight continues to design, develop and produce all the M-series lights. Streamlight is our partner in distribution. As part of our partnership, we’'ve agreed to put Streamlight’'s name on the lights they sell.

How long will my bulb last?
There is no answer to this one! One UTL owner has not replaced his bulb in 5 years, while another used two new bulbs in the first year. Just like any bulb you put in your lamp at home, it can blow out unexpectedly. Be prepared by having a spare. Generally, bulbs are expected to last 20-25 hours.

Is my light waterproof?
The M-Series lights are water resistant, not waterproof. If you do get them wet, moisture will dry or flow out of the chamber. The LAM, being a mil spec item, is waterproof up to 66 feet for 2 hours. The X-Series is mil-spec, so it is waterproof also.

Is there a cover for my bezel so when I’'m not using the light, it won’'t get damaged?
We recommend a flip-up cap made by Butler Creek ( ) , part number 30025, size 02A OBJ. It fits onto the standard size bezel of the M-series lights. Caution: If the light is activated (unknowingly) with the cover closed, the cover will melt.

How can I effectively clean my bezel lens?
To help prevent buildup of dirt and dust on the lens, apply a thin film of gun cleaner, any household window cleaner, cooking oil or other lubricant on the lens prior to use. Cleanup will be easier because the dirt adheres to the coating, not the lens.

What does it mean that the “durability” of the M6 is “1000+ rounds”?
Our lights are designed to withstand over 30,000 rounds. This durability relates to the care of the product. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your Insight Technology product will last many years with having only to occasionally replace the bulb and batteries.

My light doesn’'t come on all the time. Should I send it back for repair?
Before sending your light in for service, check the following things:

  • your batteries are fresh
  • batteries are in the unit correctly
  • the bulb is good (if you have access to another bulb, swap it out with your existing bulb to check)
  • gently flex the rectangular copper contacts on the bulb upward so they make a solid connection with the contacts in the body of the light
  • clean the contacts on the backplate and in the body with alcohol on a cotton swab, or use a pencil eraser
  • If you are still experiencing problems, please call Customer Service, extension 1909, for a return number and instructions.

Will my M4 Tactical Illuminator for the S&W Sigma fit the HK USP?
No. The differences between the designs of the accessory rails are significant enough so that the lights are not interchangeable. The M4 fits the S&W Sigma “E” Series and the UTL fits the HK USP.

Is there a light for my SIG?
Yes. We are producing adapters for four SIG models without integral rails. Three different models will mount onto the P220, P226, and P228/229, and will accept the Slide-Lock top lights. Many SIGs now are being produced with the integral rail that mates with the Slide-Lock top lights. Unfortunately, none of our products will fit the SIG-PRO, but SIG has a conversion kit for the P220 ST (click here for details).

Why won’'t the Beretta Adapter fit my Beretta?
Beretta 92/96''s with a serial number higher than BER194468 have a slightly tapered frame in the area forward of the trigger guard. The additional material keeps the adapter from sitting properly, in turn prohibiting the installation of the slide clip.

Will my M5 fit on a Glock?
Yes, the M5 will fit any platform the M3 fits, with one difference. Since the M5 was designed to fit the shorter S&W rail, when you install it on the Glock, it sits about 1/4" forward of the trigger guard rather than abutting the trigger guard like the M3.