Night Vision Systems Law Enforcement Loan-Lease Program

Night Vision Systems Law Enforcement Support Program from The Naval Surface Warfare Center

The Problem:

Pay $2,000 to $5,000 for a quality night vision device (NVD) and hope it doesn't break. Repairs can range from $500 to $2,000. Or, purchase a less expensive NVD and sacrifice quality, plus face the possibility of having to send it out of the country for repairs.

The Solution:

A loan-lease program for night vision devices at a yearly cost of $300 per unit.

Law enforcement and corrections agencies now have the opportunity to acquire NVDs with a commercial price of $4,300 for just $300 per year under a loan-lease program sponsored by the Crane, Indiana, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane). Called the Night Vision Systems Law Enforcement Support Program, this initiative puts high-quality night vision goggles (model AN/PVS-5) refurbished to military standards into the hands of departments large and small. These goggles are excellent for incidents where suspects are hiding in wooded areas at night.

If the goggles need to be repaired at any time, NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane will immediately ship a replacement at no additional cost resulting in minimum downtime for the department. As new versions of the goggles become available, the center will replace the AN/PVS-5s with upgrades at no additional cost. In addition, the center has included in the program the repair of agency-owned night vision and thermal imaging equipment at actual repair cost. In the future, NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane plans to extend the program to include light-intensifying handheld night vision scopes and pocket scopes. The $300 fee covers refurbishing and administrative costs.

Who To Contact:

For program-specific information, telephone Lori Tedrow at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at 812-854-5641.

Notice: Enrollment requests currently have a 6-8 month waiting period.

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