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6 innovative guns hit the market

These new guns run the gamut, offering something for everyone


By C1 Staff

When it’s time to hit the range, are you sporting the latest gear? Whether you’re looking for the lightest concealed carry or the most durable for a long day on the range, we’ve found something for everyone. Here’s our roundup of six new guns on the market that you’ll want to get your hands on and test out.

Vortek StrikerFire rifle
The Vortek StrikerFire LDR has a patent-pending internal striker fire system and no internal hammer. It functions by sliding the striker button on the weapon forward on the weapon forward until it locks and the rifle is cocked. Benefits of the striker fire system are a quieter and faster cocking of the rifle, a faster lock time, and the ability to mount a scope close to the bore. Learn More.

Doublestar Constant Carry
The Constant Carry weighs in at five pounds and 13 ounces, making it the lightest AR on the market. When fully fitted for patrol use, it weighs in at just less than seven and a half pounds. With a lightweight, sturdy aluminum forearm, shooters can place their accessories anywhere on the handguard without having the weight of a full rail system. Learn More.

Colt M2012
Colt’s newest rifle is designed for long sessions at the gun range, featuring a single stage Timney adjustable trigger and a custom match grade barrel for maximum precision. It’s available in three models, all of which feature .308 Winchester chambers and one with an optional .260 Remington chamber. Learn More.

M&P BODYGUARD with Crimson Trace Laser Sights
Smith & Wesson’s popular BODYGUARD handgun just got an upgrade from Crimson Trace, adding laser sights. The integrated laser sights deliver an accurate solution for those seeking effective sighting systems in their concealed carry and personal protection firearms. Both the semi-automatic 380 pistol and the 38 revolvers using the laser provide shooters with added confidence by enabling quick sight acquisition under stress or in low-light conditions. Learn More.

Armatix iP1
Though this firearm isn’t available on the market yet, it’s one to keep an eye on. The iP1 comes with a wristwatch that prevents anyone other than the authorized user from firing the gun. It also comes with operating modes like target control. Currently the iP1 comes in a .22 LR caliber. Learn More.

Israeli TAVOR Assault Rifle
The TAVOR assault rifle was developed in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces and is today in service with IDF infantry troops. Even with a conventional design, what sets this apart from other self-loading rifles is its bullpup configuration. It places the rifle’s operating parts behind the pistol grip, creating a firearm with a full-length barrel yet with a short overall length. Learn More.

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