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The Tactical Games were created to provide a platform to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes of all backgrounds
3-year-old boy found the unsecured handgun on a nightstand in the parent’s bedroom
NYC mayor calls the officer a ‘hero’ for taking action off-duty to protect others from harm
Florida corrections officers are now permitted to carry concealed firearms nationwide, just as sworn law enforcement officers
911 caller reports active shooter, further investigation leads to false alarm
Lightweight commander combines features that make commander an ideal carry choice with a frame material that’s dramatically lighter than its steel counterpart
The 4 Gun Pistol Pack helps you transport your firearms to the car, from the car to the range, and then back home again – all the while keeping your firearms safe and secure
All holsters offer variations to fit a wearer’s needs
Suffolk County Legislature sustained County Executive Steve Bellone’s veto of a budget amendment that would have funded take-home guns for county COs
The Panther C 336 and C 640 are dual-mode systems enabling user-selectable menu options
The pistol grip butt stock is a complete stock system with a shorter return spring and housing to give users the shortest length of pull
The 9 ½-inch rail attaches to both the High-tube stock adapter and directly to drilled and tapped receivers for a completely rigid mount for optics and other firearm accessories
These new guns run the gamut, offering something for everyone
New laser sighting enables quicker target acquisition under stress or in low light conditions