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Aimpoint now offers exclusive law enforcement / military first responder discount

Aimpoint now offers option to buy direct


Aimpoint supports the men and women who protect and serve our country. They are now extending a special discount to qualified U.S. law enforcement, military and first responders both active and retired. Please create an account using the link below for access to this exclusive program.


  • Discount applies to a limited selection of professional segment products

  • Eligible participants may purchase up to two (2) optics per calendar year
  • If you are considering purchasing for your agency or department, please contact us at:
  • Products purchased through this program are not for resale
  • You must create an account to begin the qualification process.
  • Credentials are subject to verification
  • Failure to comply with these rules will cause your access to be denied

About Aimpoint

Aimpoint® is the recognized worldwide leader and originator of red dot sighting technology. Aimpoint produces a complete line of high quality reflex sights for use by military, law enforcement, hunters, and sport shooters. The company also produces electronic fire control systems for use on crew-served weapons. After 45 years of dedicated design and innovation of red dot sights, Aimpoint optics remain the No. 1 choice for combined speed, accuracy, and reliability. For more information, visit