Glock, Inc. Response to Portland, Ore. "Exploding Firearm" Incident

For Immediate Release

Company Disagrees with Portland PD's Assessment, Citing Excellent Service Record of Glock Model 21 Pistols

Glock, Inc. has been made aware of two incidents involving the Portland, Oregon Police Department in which two GLOCK Model 21 pistols were damaged while allegedly using Federal brand CLASSIC HI-SHOCK practice ammunition.

This will respond to an article dated March 4, 2004 in The Oregonian newspaper wherein Chief of Police Derrick Foxworth was quoted stating "the bureau's training division did further analysis and determined the explosions may have been caused by a defect in the weapon, or a design problem."

Glock, Inc. absolutely disagrees with this unfounded conclusion and stands behind its Model 21 pistol, which has had an excellent service record since its introduction in 1991.

It should be noted that the Portland Police Department has used the GLOCK Model 21 pistol for the past 12 years.

We have repeatedly asked the Portland Police Department to allow us to do technical examinations of the pistols, and the ammunition. As of the date of this release, our requests have been denied. The Portland Police Department has only provided us with pictures of the damaged firearms. A review of these pictures appears to indicate a classic over-pressured ammunition problem.

Additionally, we contacted the Portland Police Department to schedule a meeting at our headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia -- at our expense -- to examine the pistols and ammunition. Thus far, the Portland Police Department has not agreed to this meeting.

Our products are manufactured under the highest standards and are submitted to rigorous testing before leaving the factory. GLOCK pistols have been adopted by thousands of military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world because of its excellent safety and reliability record.

For further information, please contact us at 770-432-1202

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