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RedMan Partners with Team One Network to Expand RedMan Training Opportunities Nationwide

[Sebastian, FL] -- RedMan Training Gear has partnered with Team One Network – one of the industry’s well respected training organizations. Long recognized as the most protective training gear on the market, RedMan Training Gear will expand exposure of their product line and training courses by offering the RedMan Instructor course by Team One Network. RedMan Training Gear and Team One Network will also partner to provide comprehensive law enforcement education and training opportunities at trade shows and special events.

“RedMan has been working in the law enforcement and corrections industry since 1985. We teamed up with them because they have the longevity and the experience in creating the right protective gear for the job – which allows us to create the most effective training courses,” said John Meyer, founder, Team One Network. “At Team One, we use RedMan WDS gear because it allows us to create scenarios with training projectiles. The gear gives us the confidence of safety and realism.”

Team One Network created the RedMan Instructor Course because more and more police departments are asking for force-on-force training for more realistic training that involves physical contact and real life scenarios. Due to legal concerns, many departments require force-on-force training so that officers are trained in something other than a simulator, which doesn’t create actual experience. This course show trainers how to bring this type of experience to their officers so they are the most prepared they can be.

During the three-day RedMan Instructor course, participants learn about the seven levels of simulation, training injury liability management, RedMan WDS Suits with Marking Cartridges, isolation drills and scenario-based simulations. Other topics include understanding correct sizing, proper donning, correct use and care, sanitation, equipment repair, and repacking and storage of the RedMan XP Suit.

“We are excited about our affiliation with Team One Network,” said Mohan Ableman, Vice President of Business Development. “By coupling our extensive knowledge of both training and industry leading equipment, we are able to provide an unmatched learning experience that is directly applicable to our law enforcement in the field.”

Equipment required for the course includes appropriate instructional clothing and footware, cloth elbow and knee protection, whistle and lanyard, appropriate duty belt holster, training firearm if available, inert aerosol spray with holder, training baton and holder, as well as handcuffs, handcuff case and handcuff key. No ammunition is required.

To register for, host or schedule a class, contact Team One Network at 540-752-8190, e-mail or visit

About RedMan

RedMan Training Gear is the law enforcement industry’s toughest blunt trauma protective gear. Specifically designed for defensive tactics training, RedMan provides maximum body coverage, durability, maneuverability, versatility, and can be sanitized between users. First Line Response Systems duty gear by RedMan provides protection during crowd management or correctional facility disturbance resolution. Call 800-865-7840 or visit