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How to buy tactical training (eBook)

Download this Corrections1 tactical training buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


Our nation’s jails and prisons are in a constant hiring cycle these days, trying to maintain the numbers of corrections officers needed to staff facilities.

There is an ever-increasing need to provide tactical hands-on training for new corrections officers, as well as re-enforce the perishable skills of experienced officers.

Administration and training staff have important decisions to make when hiring an outside trainer or training company to help accomplish their goals. Nearly every agency has budget limitations that make it essential for them to hire the right company with qualified trainers to equip their officers with the knowledge and skills they need. So, it is vitally important to have a game plan when selecting a training company.

This Corrections1 guide addresses the issues corrections administrators should consider when selecting a training company to deliver hands-on training.

Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing
  • Top implementation considerations
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Company directory.

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