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How one company is transforming mobile inmate tracking

The launch of Mobile Command XR from GUARDIAN RFID, which is powered by AI and face recognition, has created waves throughout the corrections industry

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GUARDIAN RFID leads the industry in innovation and experience.


Content provided by GUARDIAN RFID

Seventeen years ago, GUARDIAN RFID created the mobile inmate tracking industry by combining RFID, mobile and cloud computing.

Today, Mobile Command is the most widely used mobile inmate tracking system in the U.S. with over 75,000 corrections professionals using this technology. GUARDIAN RFID leads the industry in experience and innovation and has set the standard for mobility in corrections.

The launch of Mobile Command XR has created seismic waves throughout the corrections industry. Artificial intelligence and computer vision are game-changing features in Mobile Command XR, including support for face recognition for user login, inmate identification, inmate release verification and more.

Every good correctional officer knows the importance of conducting staggered, irregular checks on inmates. However, more than 90 percent of officers start their rounds at the same time, every time. Inmates watch behavior patterns, anticipating every move that officers make – especially how and when checks are conducted.

To solve this, Mobile Command XR has two key features:

1. Mobile Compliance Monitor (MCM): This extends the longstanding monitoring capabilities to your Mobile Command XR, letting you know how much time is remaining between checks and to ensure they are completed thoroughly and on-time.

MCM also shows you which inmates are on special status to ensure staff are alert and aware. A configurable early warning will inform staff either through audible alerts or haptic feedback to ensure discreet monitoring.

2. Mobile Command XR uses predictive and prescriptive analytics: To address the staggered, irregular round concerns shared by many correctional officers, Mobile Command XR uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify when your behavior pattern is recognizable, generating a notification unique to each user when they should perform their next round – and where.

Staggering Score also visualizes your behavior pattern across 15, 30 and 60-minute check frequencies. That score indicates how predictable or random you’re completing your checks. Higher scores indicate better randomization and lower scores indicate higher predictability. Together, MCM and Staggering Score will ensure your security checks are performed not only on time, but at irregular intervals.

We all know unplanned things happen during checks. So to assist in explaining what happened, system administrators can require staff to log justifications for all late checks, including if there’s more than one explanation for late checks during the same round.

Additionally, the updated Special Status module enables you to create special status flags from Mobile Command XR, which automatically updates MCM and the max check time associated with that particular special status.

Built from the ground up

One of the newest features of Mobile Command XR starts at the beginning. Mobile Command XR supports face recognition for user login, built from the ground up by the AI team at GUARDIAN RFID, achieving fast, highly accurate results in two seconds or less.

You can also login with face masks or use multi-factor authentication with face recognition and your RFID fob. Face recognition for login is an ideal approach for maximizing your CJIS compliance.

Face recognition is also used to support inmate identification in a wide range of use cases, as well as our all-new, patent-pending inmate release verification module, which uses multi-factor authentication to ensure the right inmate is being released from custody at the right time.

For years, Mobile Command has captured videos and images for digital evidence. Mobile Command XR now supports capturing video and images with either portrait or landscape orientation. And when you’re using video and imaging, you can now capture multiple images and videos in the same log without exiting the cell check module – syncing all of your digital evidence securely to the Cloud.

Mobile Command XR also has all-new smart filters that enable you to search for inmates by name – or group similar activities or movements together – such as seeing all out of cell alerts by a specific location.

Another powerful feature new to Mobile Command XR is the ability to update, close and create tasks assigned to you and your team. Tasks are in template form to help customize and manage everything from fire safety checks and cell conditions to ADA compliance, inventory and more. Tasks also extend to events, such as inmate-specific appointments and court appearances. This way, everything you need to know is accessible right from the palm of your hand.

Simply put, Mobile Command XR is the platform of choice for America’s thin gray line. As the most widely used and deployed inmate tracking system in the world, GUARDIAN RFID leads the industry in innovation and experience.