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New Colors Used in the Classification of a Variety of Conditions

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of batons for the law enforcement community, today announces the addition of new colors to its popular Double Cuff™ line to aid in the classification and identification of threat levels, ages, medical status and a variety of other conditions.

The Monadnock® Double Cuff™ is now available in pink, purple, green, blue, yellow and orange in addition to the standard colors of black, white and red (for training). The new colorized disposable Double Cuffs™ allow for quick, easy and safe restraint of suspects. They are 1/2” (1.27 cm) wide to prevent the subject from being cut and offer plenty of room to write directly on the cuff.

The new disposable Double Cuffs™ with colors also can be used with the Safety Cutter™ to easily and quickly remove the restraints. The Safety Cutter can also be used to double lock most plastic disposable restraints by cutting away any excess strap extending from the locking head.

In addition to the Safety Cutter, the features of the colorized Double Cuffs™ include two individual cuffs rather than a standard single cuff and the ability to restrain the wrists and/or ankles.

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Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of batons for the law enforcement community since 1958. In addition to its fine line of batons, Monadnock is a leader in contemporary law enforcement education through its training programs for expandable batons as well as the PR-24®. Monadnock is part of the Armor Holdings Products Group, a business segment of Armor Holdings, Inc. For more information visit

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