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Contraband control training: Search tactics that work (eBook)

COs can’t overlook the importance of basic search techniques

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By C1 Staff


There is no bigger risk to correctional facility security than the influx of contraband, which directly threatens the safety of both correctional officers and inmates.

In recent years, facilities have seen a flood of contraband cellphones being used by inmates to carry out criminal activities undetected.

While drones, smartphones and social networks present a technological shift in accessing and moving contraband, COs can’t overlook the importance of basic search techniques.

This free eBook, brought to you by Corrections1 Academy, reviews strategies and tactics for training COs in how to prevent the movement of contraband into jails and prisons, including:

  • 5 concepts for effective contraband control training
  • How to find small items during an inmate pat-down search
  • 2 old-school tactics still relevant in contraband search