Why A Street Survival Seminar For Women?

Almost three years ago Calibre Press tried an experiment we had not attempted in over twenty years: a seminar dedicated solely to the women of law enforcement. Prior to that first women’s seminar in Las Vegas, we got an interesting series of complaints and inquiries from throughout the nation.

Would this be the usual condescending stuff so often prepared for women? Would this be a two-day man bashing session? Why should the first one be in Las Vegas of all places? What would be the difference between the regular Street Survival Seminar and this one? What issues do women face that men don’t?

In spite of the doubts, the seminar opened with 350 women in attendance and several male trainers and spouses who came to become more familiar with issues pertaining to training women! The instructors had never had a more intense, exciting, and enjoyable two days presenting material. The audience even cheered the Pledge of Allegiance to start the program!

The simple truth is men and women are remarkably different and react in different ways to issues and problems. Each has strengths and weaknesses and a common desire to gain an edge over adversaries. Those who have attended the Women’s Seminar all remark at how issues that had never been addressed in their training before were finally not only being addressed, but actual tools being given to deal with them.

The feedback from the attendees at that first women’s seminar was remarkable to say the least. Everyone wrote an evaluation, and not just any evaluation but often an insightful series of ideas and thoughts about what they had seen and heard and how they felt about it, as well as ideas for future seminars. And thanks to that feedback, we have further fine-tuned the seminar to deal with issues most relevant to the women of law enforcement today and those who train them, supervise them and care about them.

We have found that trainers who attended to become more familiar with issues that might improve the training of female officers have universally been surprised at how much insight they gained from not only from the seminar, but also from the attendees who freely and openly discuss the topics as they come up. The attendees include not only women officers, but dispatchers, records clerks and female correctional officers; and they all offer insight into the mind of a female crimefighter.

Frankly, our instructors have been amazed at how much they have learned and continue to learn each and every time they do a Street Survival for Women Seminar! If you are a Lady Crimefighter, the partner of one, the spouse of one, or are responsible for the management or training of women then this is a must attend seminar.

The Street Survival for Women is scheduled for Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 2nd and 3rd [More information], and again in Las Vegas, February 8th and 9th, 2006. To register contact Slavka Younger at slavka.younger@trinitylearning.com or 800-323-0037, and prepare for the most remarkable seminar experience of your law enforcement career!

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