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First Choice Armor Initiates Female Body Armor Exchange Program for Three Models

NIJ 0101.06 Female Body Armor Product Advisory & Exchange Program

• First Choice Armor; Female Model “NForce II S6XF-06”
• First Choice Armor; Female Model “TBL II S6XF”
• First Choice Armor; Female Model “MF34F-06”

Spindale, North Carolina – Effective immediately, First Choice Armor & Equipment (FCAE) is initiating a female body armor exchange program covering the three above listed models. These female models were originally tested under the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.06 Voluntary Body Armor Compliance Testing Program (CTP). This exchange program does not affect First Choice Armor NIJ 0101.06 male body armor.

Working in conjunction with the CTP, it has been concluded that the three listed female models do not consistently reflect the models’ construction specifications. Specifically, the production models’ darts do not reflect the NIJ 0101.06 certified configurations.

FCAE is aware of no instances of field failures of these models, and all three models have performed satisfactorily in recent “street threat” testing of in-service vests. Officer safety remains FCAE’s foremost concern. Therefore, FCAE is voluntarily exchanging all fielded armors of the above referenced female NIJ 0101.06 models at no cost to the end user or agency.

FCAE has notified the National Institute of Justice Compliance Test Program about its exchange program, and will be contacting affected dealers, agencies, and end users in the next several days. Under this exchange program, affected customers will be provided a replacement vest. Details and directions will be provided during customer contact.

FCAE is working in voluntary cooperation with the CTP to facilitate this body armor exchange program. FCAE encourages those who are wearing the models above to continue to wear their vest until their armor is exchanged.

First Choice Armor apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this exchange program. Officer safety is, and will remain, the number one priority at FCAE. First Choice Armor remains committed to providing the Federal, Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections communities with armor that meets the highest quality standard.

For further information, please contact the First Choice Female Vest Exchange Program at or 800.882.7667, ext. 252.

NIJ Safety Notice #01-2010

NIJ Safety Notice #02-2010

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