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Testimonials for Eye Safety Systems Tactical Goggles

“We are particularly impressed with your ESS Turbo C.A.M. Its durability, reliability, function and performance have proven to be a top choice for our trainees who work on S.W.A.T. teams. For those of us who must work in inclement weather, from humid and hot days and nights to frozen tundra in upstate New York winters, fogged eye systems are an intrinsic problem - one which you seem to have answered. Form function and fit come together in your system and allow vision to be clearer and eyes to be protected.”
Ken Cooper, Director, Tactical Handgun Training of NY, Inc

“As Tactical Supervisor for the US Customs Special Response Team in San Diego, I am always searching for new products that will provide our operators with an extra margin of safety. Recently, my team was able to use the ESS Tactical Turbo C.A.M. goggles during building breaching exercises. These goggles effectively eliminated any lens fogging during strenuous activity, while the polycarbonate lens provided the eye protection needed for safe operations. The Turbo C.A.M. goggles are now an important part of our equipment kitbag. Thanks for your help in increasing our operator’'s safety.”
Tactical Supervisor Serge S. Duarte, U.S. Customs SRT, San Diego

“Overall, the ESS Tactical is an extraordinarily well designed goggle, obviously very suitable for its intended application. Protecting the eyes of tactical team members is a high priority, and a tactical team commander should provide a set for each team member.”
Tony Lesce - from The Police Marksman Field Test

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