5.11 Tactical Series Introduces New Boot Line to Law Enforcement Market

5.11 Tactical Series introduced a full line of law enforcement related apparel products in October at the International Chief of Police Conference in Los Angeles, California. This included three styles of law enforcement boots designed for the police professional. In April, 2004, Dan Costa, owner and CEO of the company, gathered a team of law enforcement officers from several different specialties and flew them to the Pegasus Shoe Factory in Guangzhou, China, where they worked for several days with the Pegasus design team to create a new line of law enforcement boots from the ground up.

The international team consisted of street cops, SWAT officers, and police managers. The idea was to provide immediate input to the designers so they understood what police officers really need in footwear. It is no coincidence that 5.11 Tactical Series chose a top of the line athletic shoe manufacturer to work on this concept. The need for speed, lightness and quality in law enforcement is critical. Officers often find themselves in athletic endeavors as they perform their duties so they want their footwear to be fast, tough and comfortable.

The first boot designed was the 5.11 H.R.T. (Hostage Rescue Team). The special operations officers asked for a number of features such as a reinforced toe with tactical climbing rubber, providing traction when a sniper is in the prone position. The carbon based outsole design incorporates the latest technology in slip and oil resistant rubber with minimal squeaking because cops need silence when they move. There is a reinforced inside heel with grinding lateral rubber for high speed rope descents.

The waterproof Sympatex® lining allows the foot to breathe as well as stay dry, while the Armortex® Kevlar® side panels give the boot stability and support. The carbon based rubber outsole, Phylon mid sole, Hypertex lasting board, nylon flex-fit composite shank, four layer insole system, lunar lining accompanied by the company's new technical sock, combine to offer superior support for a SWAT team officer's high impact activity. This Shock Mitigation SystemTM is lightweight with superior compression and rebound resulting in comfort, stability and optimal SPEED.

After the team completed the design of the H.R.T. they moved on to the A.T.A.C. Patrol Boots. These two models come in an 8 inch side zip and a lower 6 inch model. In addition to the Shock Mitigation SystemTM mentioned above, the team asked for U.S.A. leather to ensure a sharp appearance with a shiny polishable toe. The officers also requested a hidden side pocket and a curved YKK® zipper for easy on and off capability in the 8 inch model.

5.11 Tactical Series continues to follow its recipe of listening to their customer's needs, wants and desires. They have created specialized footwear to meet the demands of today's law enforcement specialist and will continue to provide functional innovation in not only footwear but all products designed and manufactured for law enforcement professionals.

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