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Redman and Innovation

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A term saved for entrepreneurial leaders, keen visionaries, and those labeled the best. Often imitated, innovators set standards and create and do new things because that’s just who they are.

At RedMan, we thrive on innovation. We partner with law enforcement, corrections personnel and other industry leaders to give us feedback on our gear. For example, the RedMan WDS line is a direct result of law enforcement trainers asking for one suit to cover all levels of force - from presence and open hand confrontation through lethal force with RedMan-approved training projectiles. This kind of innovative thinking has made RedMan a leader and has given LE Trainers the ability to perform more dynamic, realistic scenarios.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built a reputation as a superior manufacturer of LE training gear who understand the importance of blunt trauma protection. DT Trainers rely on this protection to prepare officers for duty.

As Blunt Trauma Specialists, we started to think about the next generation. What happens after an officer is trained? How will he or she be protected in the moment that is most critical - during a real life crisis situation on duty? In 2002, we introduced our first line of duty gear under the brand, First Line Response Systems. Now, officers can be protected in duty, from a name they already trust - RedMan. Our DRS configurations offer extraordinary blunt trauma protection during cell extractions and crisis situations in correctional institutions and public crowd control.

The evolution and success of RedMan Training Gear and First Line Response Systems is a result of working with innovative trainers and industry leaders. We are dedicated to continuing these partnerships with your feedback and comments.

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