IES Interactive Training Inc and FAAC Inc. Announce The Driving Force, a Fully Integrated Seamless Driving and Force Options Training Simulation Suite

IES Interactive Training and FAAC Incorporated introduce a fully integrated and seamless driving and force options training simulation suite to its line of interactive training systems.  By combining the two systems into a single training session, trainees will experience a much more realistic training experience that relates to the entire patrol cycle. The Driving Force features fully integrated training scenarios shared between systems, device-to-device networking, tailored instructional sessions, a full range of lethal and less-lethal training options, and detailed integrated debriefing tools.  The Diving Force simulation training system requires trainees to render complex decisions and engage in intricate mental and physical responses under a variety of stress factors. Increase trainee awareness, performance and confidence with objective and repeatable interactive training sessions with The Driving Force by IES Interactive Training and FAAC Incorporated.

IES Interactive Training, Inc.
1229 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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