IES & Verbal Judo to Produce Groundbreaking Training Simulator to Verbally De-escalate Confrontations

Mequon, Wis. – The same technology that teaches a fighter pilot to operate a jet aircraft is now teaching police officers how to talk down violent confrontations, IES Interactive Training and the Verbal Judo Institute have recently announced.

IES brings their well-known immersive MILO training simulators, and Verbal Judo brings its 27 years of training police officers in “tactical communications” to this newly formed partnership.

Gary Klugiewicz, the President of the Verbal Judo Institute, said, “You can’t learn verbal skills without practicing and, to be effective, professionals need to be exposed to a large variety of challenging scenarios with performance feedback. This has been a huge challenge in our programs, and this partnership with IES is a major step forward in making our training more effective.”

IES’s high-tech simulators have been used for years to train police officers in the use of lethal and non-lethal force, firearms and other physical skills with great success -- but this partnership is the first use of such a system to teach and practice verbal skills on the same platform.  Already, there is great interest in extending this training beyond public safety, particularly for private industry, corporate and commercial applications.

Verbal Judo Institute ( was founded in 1983 by Dr. George Thompson to train police officers how to prevent verbal confrontation from escalating to physical violence. Since then, the Institute has trained over 1 million individuals throughout the world and Dr. Thompson has written five books on this topic.

IES Interactive Training (, a division of Arotech Corp, is the industry’s leading manufacturer of high-tech interactive simulators used in the training of military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial/private industry personnel. IES’s product line includes the MILO Range Pro, Advanced and Classic simulators, The MILO Classroom Training System, and the patented Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU).

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