RedMan Training Division Offers Online Instructor Re-Certification for all OC Instructors

Effective June 1, 2008, the Northcentral Technical College - RedMan Training Division will be offering an online Instructor Re-Certification for all OC instructors. This is one of the longest evolving OC aerosol programs in the world today. It will address everything from the technical information on chemical aerosols using OC, safety tips for instructors when conducting classes, techniques to decrease decontamination time, and much more.

Who can register for this program?
1. Any SABRE-certified Instructor since July 1, 2004
2. Any OC or Chemical Aerosol Instructor who has completed any manufacturer-Instructor Certification Program after July 1, 2004
3. Anyone who has successfully completed the following NTC- RedMan Training classes; Crowd Management for Soft Squads, Intermediate Use of Force Trainer, Cell Extraction, C.E.R.T., Basic or Master OC Instructor after July 1, 2004.
4. Special Note – All students must provide proof of certification by sending in a copy of your instructor certificate at time of registration.

Please contact us at our numbers below for assistance.
Northcentral Technical College - RedMan Training Division Public Safety Division
1000 W Campus Drive - Wausau, WI 54401 -
888-NTC-7144 x1632
715-675-3331 x1632
715-301-2632 (fax)

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